Jessus Hernandez is an LA based artist that merges geometry with the beauty of cityscapes in a two-dimensional world filled with color. From an early age, Hernandez was always intrigued with how everyday objects can be broken down to the placement of shapes and lines. From Picasso’s Cubist forms that fascinated him the first time he visited a museum to the drafting class in high school that exposed him to the world of architecture; Hernandez has always been influenced by methodical artistic styles.

His work simplifies the complexities of city life by converging flat shapes and perspective to create geometric abstractions filled with curiosity. With each work that he creates, Hernandez expresses the wonder of familiar cities and places with splashes of vibrant colors. By utilizing aerosol paints, he has created a painting technique where he skillfully creates clean lines and winding circular shapes that give his artwork a three dimensional futuristic quality. Through his commitment to detail and command of strong colors, he draws the eye of the viewer to his architectural perspective to reveal dimension, shadows, and the overall depth of his works.

You can find Hernandez’s numerous commissioned artworks and murals in public and private collections such as the Paypal Headquarters. He has also exhibited his works in multiple galleries in the U.S. and Europe and was a featured artist in the Context Art Fair in Miami Art Week 2018. When he’s not in his studio, you can find Hernandez exploring new architectural wonders to inspire his work or working in the community with Art Share LA and Casa LA to bring art to the inner-city children.

Portrait photo by: Aceofla Studio