Jessus Hernandez lives and works in Southern California. He is a self-taught artist drawing inspiration from the diversity that abounds. Architecture and nature converge in his works where he uses vibrant color, linear form, dimension, and space to create geometric abstract art forms in a vast range of mixed mediums. From a very young age his imagination was his space of infinite possibilities and he knew that his life’s path would be creating art for the world. Seeing a Cubism Art exhibition for the first time made what once were possibilities a reality and inspired him to pursue his dream to become an artist. Always intrigued with the placement of shapes and lines in cityscapes, he developed a love for architectural design and his first drafting class would become the connection that he would later draw into his art and lay the foundation for his artistic space. 

Jessus’ favorite quote by Picasso is, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working”, and that he does every day, working passionately to pursue perfection in his art. Geometric abstract art forms first come to him in visions which he expounds upon in active creation. Then each piece goes through a number of phases which he meticulously executes from start to finish; planning the size, building the canvas, determining the colors, and creating the vision.








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